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Company politics Harz Guss Zorge GmbH

High technology for ambitious iron castings requiring customers is our specific fortitude. Hence a solid quality of our products is the base for our prosperous business. 

Quality for us means to fulfil best possible the claims of our customers by direct customer support und powerful product development. Thereby it is very important to have a null-mistake-strategy with realising of mistakes avoiding measures and assured processes, short throughput time and therefore on time deliveries. These points improve the contentedness of our customers we work fair together and exchange our know-how at corporate development projects. 

The environment protection belongs to Harz Guss Zorge aswell as a premise for the company success. It is our aim to save the natural resources and to apply energy effective. It is primary to observe the environmental legislation aswell as an economical and considerate insert about environmetally acceptable practice and substances. Therefore we ascertain and value the environmetal aspects of our practices. 

Our employees are integrated in our management system. They are the basic prerequisite for a prosperous company growth. We try to improve the competence and motivation of our employees by information and training them and encourage this way their quality and environmental consciousness. We constantly work on improving our industrial safety and health maintenance of our employees. 

The constant improvement of environmetal and quality performances are medium and long term the base for effective costs reduction and an important contribution to save the environment. An affordable and environmentally friendly production of high quality iron castings allows us profit earning and therewith to safe our location here in Zorge.