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Thanks to the Georgsmarienhütte Group, we avail of extensive knowledge, research and design and synergies, which supply the production chain first-hand-from the procurement of raw materials to machining of the final product.

Our alignment towards technically demanding products is documented both in terms of our wide range of materials and our production facilities, from core production through to the machining of finished products.

With the help of appropriate computer systems such as CAQ and CAD, as well as simultaneous engineering, form-filling and solidification simulation and individual pattern construction, we are able to offer construction support from the outset. An efficient PPS system, combined with the necessary logistic tools, allows us to communicate via EDI in order to guarantee the requisite logistics.

All of our employees are highly qualified. They guarantee innovative material development and tailored product solutions. Flexibility from the outset is a priority - from acceptance of an order to the timely delivery of a quality product.